Silver for Friends and Family.

Do you really trust the stock market, the banks, the authorities? Really? Their “expertise” in this crisis should be all the warning we need. Please take actions to protect yourself and your family.

If it is listed here, it is in stock and ready to ship. No ten day wait for us to receive the product from our suppliers.

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24/7 Assistance

No sorry, we are just part-time at the moment, but the site is up 24/7.

Everything we list is in stock and ready to ship!

Low Maintenance

Silver requires no maintenance. Just buy it and hold (bury) it. The bankers will make sure it goes up in value for you.

Quality Promise

We guarantee that the silver and gold we sell is exactly as described. If you are not satisfied you may return it.

Why Choose Peer To Peer Bullion?

It is really pretty simple. Trust. We have put this site together to help those we know to buy and/or sell silver and gold at very reasonable prices, hopefully below anyone else. Our services are now open to the public on a limited basis. (details below). Everything we show on our site is IN STOCK and ready for immediate shipment upon receiving cleared funds. No delays and no minimums.

Pay via check, ACH or cryptocurrency. Transactions are overseen by CCS Software, Inc., founded in 1984, DBA:

More and more people have come to understand the value of having multiple legs under the table when it comes to financial security, the more legs, the sturdier the table. Bullion can serve as one of those legs. The problem; for buyers, is they may find it difficult to get fair prices and quick shipments when purchasing directly from online bullion sites. eCommerce sites often have faster delivery and are generally safe these days but due to the high seller fees imposed by the site, the cost of the product must of course be increased. Both buyers and sellers are handicapped in this environment.

Enter Peer to Peer Bullion. This website simply provides a portal for both buyers and sellers; yet we, at P2PB, ensure a safe and verifiable experience, while only charging a very modest commission. Buyers can buy with full confidence they will receive exactly what was listed on this site. If they don’t get what they expect, they may return it.

Exact weights and contents are recorded by the seller prior to shipment. These documents and HD videos are forwarded to us for verification. Only after the buyer receives the product and notifies us of satisfactory delivery do sellers get paid. If sellers are unable to ship for any reason, the buyers payment is of course returned.

There are time limits and many more details to provide clarity, but in essence, buying and selling is more akin to Amazon than eBay, where there is trust entity between buyer and seller. We take this a step further by creating all listings ourselves (via material provided by the seller), based on verified product inventories at seller locations. We don’t list it if we are not able to verify inventory. All communication remains anonymous between buyer and seller as communication is handled directly via this portal. Should there be a problem between buyer and seller that can not be resolved by the parties, we step in and make it right.

Sellers generally get spot+ while buyers pay lower premiums. A win win for everyone.

If you wish to purchase, simply click the shop now button, browse the products, add them to your cart and then follow the checkout trail. It is really that simple. If you would like to be a seller on this site, please see our contact page and send us a note and we will help you get started.

This is a new enterprise and much of this is currently handled manually. These processes will of course be streamlined as time and need arises.

Currently, both buyers and sellers must reside in the USA and shipments must originate from and terminate at a continental US address.

We accept personal and business checks, ACH, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Steem and Bitshares.

Please contact us for complete details at:

Need some Silver but don’t know where to begin?

We are here to help those we know. This site was designed for friends and family we know personally; however, it is also open to the public on a limited basis.. Our desire is to help ensure you are getting the best quality silver for the best price. Please see our blog for more information.