How to Easily Calculate a Gold Silver Price Forecast?

In the short video below, we break down the most widely used methodology to forecast long term fiat US dollar price highs for gold.

Then as a gold silver ratio subset, we will also look at some potential silver price highs as well.

We will use historic precedent as our guide.

Over three times in our nation’s financial history (1980, 1934, and shortly after the US Civil War) after we debached our system badly, gold (and silver) responded with sharp revaluations higher.

Gold Price Forecast, Silver Price Forecast, Long Term Calculations

To begin, we will start with a common example of how not to try and value gold and silver future long term price potential.

This US Debt Clock website is very interesting and has a fascinating number of data points for end users to check out, I will leave a link to it in the show notes.

The most important number on that website is not merely the sharply escalating US National Debt about to pass $25 trillion soon enough.

No, it is the US Unfunded Liability pile which estimates range from $100 to over $200 trillion in net present value promised yet not near close to saved for by those who made the promises collectively. 

Staggering debt and not going to deliver on promises like these virtually guarantee a default and debasement cycle and possibly a financial spillover (everyone seemingly and simultaneously asking for their capital back), and possibly even a global fiat currency crisis to boot.

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