1965-1969 40% Silver Kennedy Half Dollars $2 Face Value- 4 Coins


Two Dollar Face Value of 40% US Silver Kennedy.

  • Mixed 1965-1969 40% silver 2 coins.
  • 0.2950 oz of silver content for every face value dollar.
  • 0.1479 x 4 = .5916 oz of silver content per lot.

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$2.00 Face Value.

1965-1969 40% Silver Kennedy Half Dollars $2 Face Value- 4 Coins.

The coins mostly range from fine to AU, but sold as 40% constitutional.

The 40% Silver Half Dollar

In 1965, as the 90% silver coins continued to vanish and silver prices showed no signs of dropping, President Johnson announced plans to eliminate silver from U.S. quarters and dimes, and reduce the silver content in the Kennedy Half Dollars to merely 40%.

The inner layer of the new 40% silver half dollars contained 79% copper and 21% silver, while the outside was clad with 80% silver and 20% copper. Thus, in total, the coin consisted of 40% silver. A 40% silver half dollar weighs around 11.5 grams, and it is still worth its original legal tender value of 50 cents today.

Even after the silver content was reduced, collectors still sought out the Kennedy Half Dollar. As before, this coin saw little circulation between 1965 and 1970. Congress was again forced to make a decision about using silver holdings on currency that never circulated.

Back To Basics

By May 1969, the Treasury finally decided to completely eliminate silver from U.S. currency. In anticipation of this change, very few 40% silver coins were struck in 1970. Starting in 1971, the Kennedy Half Dollars would be struck in the same copper and nickel as other coinage in an effort to reduce collector hoarding and minting costs. By that time, so few half dollars had been circulated that the public had become used to not seeing them, and banks had gotten rid of slots for the coin in their machines.

Denomination: $0.50
Obverse Image: John F. Kennedy, 35th President of the United States.
Reverse Image: Eagle holding an olive branch (peace) and arrows (strength). The thirteen stripes represent the 13 colonies. The horizontal bar across the top represents Congress forming one government from many. Fifty stars representing the fifty states encircle the eagle.
Metal Composition: 40% silver, 60% copper
Total Weight: 11.5 grams = (0.1479 oz of silver content)
Comments: Only two months after Kennedy’s assassination on November 22, 1963, the first Kennedy Half Dollars were struck at the mint.

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