Fraud/Manipulation Inflation

Records Being BROKEN: Massive Bullion Shortages

and Silver Anomalies! -Andy Schectman

Classic metals storage interview with Andy Schectman:…


  • Basel-III, massive event for precious metals.
  • Boots on the ground experience in the physical markets from bullion dealer.
  • Paper vs. physical price anomalies.
  • Opportunity in silver very striking
  • Numismatic premiums now high

This is a great video that highlights and discusses many topics that are now very much front and center in the precious metals space. Why are premiums so high, why is the price quoted on the paper market so low, who’s buying and why. What’s truly happening behind the scenes by the central banks, is silver a good buy even at these premiums .. and much more.

Please take the time to watch Andy Schectman, a respected authority in the field.

Andy also offers to beat any online price quote as long as he has it available. If you are looking for silver or gold, give his offer a try, perhaps they have some stock available and can match our prices. Of course OverwhelmingSilver has stock now and generally ships within a day after cleared funds are received. We are here to help.

Be wise and stay safe.

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